What is Neurobic SPA?

Is a process of cleaning & Rejuvenation of energy body, tapping & transferring life force Energy to Cellular level. 

Neurobic Spa is a unique “Instant Self Healing” exercise bymeditation. We generally med¬itate in order to recharge our body cells with Divine energy, relax our body, make mind peaceful and energise spirit with flow of Divine energy from the Almighty Source, which we call – GOD. As we take bath to clean our physical body in the same way “Neurobic Spa” is a mental process of cleansing our seven major energy centres (called – Chakra) and subtle energy tubes (called – Nadis, which are more than 72000) along with energising whole neuro system of the body thus cleansing whole inner body


A Unit of Shri Ganesh Vinayak Medical Science Pvt. Ltd.

Related Unit: Shri Ganesh Vinayak Eye Hospital

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