Mental Thermometer

Happiness Stress Stethoscope

The readings of the Happiness/Stress Stethoscope shows the skin resistance reflecting changes in bio-electrical impulses in the Central Nervous System. The mind gets relaxed & bioelectric impulses in the brain gets reduced raising skin resistance. Resistance of the body is inversely related to the frequencies of brain waves induced by thought pattern related to the frequencies of brain waves induced by thought patterns in the mind. Negative & useless thoughts pattern in the mind increase the frequency of brain waves & reduce the skin resistance and this weaken the body’s immune system making it prone to infections and contagious diseases.

Advantages of Happiness/stress Stethoscope

  • It is simple to handle.
  • Freely portable because of its small size.
  • Inexpensive to measure the effect of thoughts on your body.
  • It is a scientific proof of mental state affecting physical health in terms of low body resistance and high frequency brain waves releasing bio-energy from body.
  • This is very effective device as it records the mind beats whereas doctor’s use the stethoscope to record the heart beat.

Each of our thought is linked with cells and tissues of the body. Quality of thoughts changes the biochemistry of our body. This causes changes in the electrical impulse in the brain. So the emotional state can be measured by this machine.