Dr. Anil Gupta and Dr. Ajay Shesh added a Guinness world record to their list of achievements as they made a record for longest speech marathon of 101 hours 36 minutes.

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"The state of positive health implies the notion of “perfect functioning” of the body and mind”. It conceptualizes health biologically, as a state in which every cell and every organ is functioning at optimum capacity and in perfect harmony with the rest of the body; psychologically, as a state in which the individual feels a sense of perfect well- being and of mastery over his environment and socially, as a state in which the individual’s capacities for participation in the social system are optimal."

A marriage of conventional Western medicine with other healing modalities, including complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), integrative medicine (IM) neither rejects conventional medicine nor uncritically embraces alternative therapies. Rather, IM can be described as a practice that "cherry picks" the best and scientifically supported therapies of both systems. This article offers a look into IM and what it means for the future of health care.

Commitment to treatments based on evidence
that they work
A focus on noninvasive treatments when possible
A close partnership with your doctor
Consideration of everything that influences your health, including your home environment

Integrated Aproach towards
Positive Health

We combine

Get Holistic With Your

Integrative medicine pairs traditional medicine with other treatments
to care for your mind, body, and spirit.

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